Baccarat, intensive learning course for real game #1 [#百家乐 #바카라 #バカラ #bacará #баккара́ #บาคาร่า]

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This is a Baccarat workbook that helps to improve your ability to occupy the most stable position in real games.

With this series, you can intensively learn the actual betting process. There are 3 steps in this process as below.
1st. Sort through the Scoreboard to spot the possibilities of the patterns.
2nd. Figure out any potential underlying hands according to the possibilities of all patterns you spotted.
3rd. Check out if they collide with each other.

As a result of this process, if there are the possibilities of the patterns without collision, place a bet.

But if the patterns collide with each other, you have 3 options as below.
Option 1, If there is a very strong pattern in comparison to others, bet on it.
Option 2, If the intensities of the patterns are similar, skip bet.
Option 3, If the patterns collide very strongly with each other, bet a small amount on ‘Tie’.

It’s so hard to improve your judgment on betting.
Like walking up the stairs, just climb steps one by one every day.
Then, you can go up to any level.

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Baccarat, intensive learning course for real game #1 [#百家乐 #바카라 #バカラ #bacará #баккара́ #บาคาร่า]

10 thoughts on “Baccarat, intensive learning course for real game #1 [#百家乐 #바카라 #バカラ #bacará #баккара́ #บาคาร่า]

  1. greetings where do i found the baccarat scorecards input for different patterns

  2. Thank you. This definitely opened up my eyes on how to read the other boards. I was always confused and only look at the main road. Awesome video thank you👍

  3. Hi. Thanks so much for your videos. They are really good.

    May i ask for practise 2, why did you feel single row cockcroach was stronger than the switching of the 3 blue columns?

  4. Question, at 3:58 the Small Road switch to Red yields a Banker, but the same switch on the Cockroach road does not give the continued pattern (Big Road) but produces a Player. Why doesn't the BR pattern continue with the CR?

  5. Hi Master, thanks very much for the video series. I am very much new to Baccarat and want to know the method of playing it. May I ask you that in 4th practice, both cockroach pig and small road gives the prediction as BANKER according to my understanding. Then why cockroach pig and small road were considered? Any particular reason for this?
    Thank you.

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