The 10 Best Bets in Baccarat ( 百家乐 ) and Playbook

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5 thoughts on “The 10 Best Bets in Baccarat ( 百家乐 ) and Playbook

  1. Hi guys,
    Getting down to the nitty gritty of playing shoes, with all the methods you have talked about how do you know when a certain method looks like the shoe is trending. Is it after five hands, eight or ten. Or do you like to decide I’m going to start playing this method and if the shoe starts not following that method when do you make the decision to change.

  2. I never lose a no bed situation but every time I bet on Best Bets and most the time in that bet I bet it very high and that Bet the casino like to take from me I heve to repeat myself as usual I said to myself and to others never never never play Somebody's game with your money every time you will be looser in the end

  3. Where did Kevin purchase that elongated ‘playbook’ -notebook with perfectly spaced printed pages??

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