Baccarat winning 67%-33% loss — Small bankroll wins $200+/day. Important!Read description first.

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Baccarat winning strategy. Read this before watching the video! Using a trend based betting method, based on previous wins or losses during a shoe, You decide when to switch to trend or reverse trend betting. Spend a few minutes watching the full video will do you a whole lot of good. It’s free. With this you won’t have to work anymore!

This video is best viewed on a big screen TV in full screen mode. Do enjoy the music at the same time. Watch for win/loss, bet amount, 5 sequence betting and winning/losing streaks.

Pick any 5 occurrences, the dominate one is the trend. The opposite is obviously the reverse trend. This will decide your next bet. eg. 1=player, 0=banker, 5 sequences are 1,1,0,0,1 so 1 is the dominate one, hence it’s the trend. Next bet on 1 for trend bet or 0 for reverse trend bet. After the result comes out, shift the sequence to include the new result at the end and drop the first outcome but still maintaining the 5 sequence rule.

Since in most cases win/loss are almost 50-50, so we want to see what happens after 20-30 hands which we won’t bet. If more prior loses, we bet heavier going forward, otherwise we bet the reverse trend heavier. For every loss, we keep the same bet. For every win. we add 10-20% to the initial bet amount for the next bet until we lose. Note the win/loss counts in the display.

Remember this: if you calculate after a game, for sure you will know how many are your wins and loses. So if you can avoid more loses initially, you will win more as a matter of logic.

If you counted around 10-15 net loses in 20 bets then it’s time to bet heavy. This means reverse trend was active. The reverse is also true, on a trend run, you have 10-15 net wins then you should bet heavy on the reverse trend next. For a $50 initial bet, all you need is 4 net wins to make $200. I set the bankroll at 20 x initial bet. Of course you can start at $25 with a $500 bankroll. To make $200 you need 8 net wins. Try this on a free Online casino site first.

You need to practice this before going to the casino. Be it for money management, increase in bet amount or trend/reverse trend switching. You need to build up the confidence so that you won’t be distracted in a casino environment.

Using this strategy, playing more actually increases your chance of winning contrary to conventional thinking. The concept behind this is simple, avoid the losses and you should win in the long run. Assuming you played 10000 hands and you avoided 15% of the loses, your chance of winning suddenly increased by at least 17%. 15/(100-15). Here I used trend/reverse trend in order to randomize the outcomes, making it as close to 50-50 as possible. By using the trend/reverse trend switching, suddenly you double that percentage again! 34%! Essentially your chance of winning is 34% + half of the normal 50-50 outcome. ie. 34%+66%/2=67%.

Let me give you an analogy: 50 red beans and 50 black beans, put them both in a bag. Now start to take them out 1 by 1 blindfolded. After about 20 beans, stop and count the beans and note the colors. If black is a lot more then there are more red left in the bag. Bet the red next.

Baccarat is a 50-50 game and I have made it 67-33.

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Disclaimer: Gambling is a chance game so do tell yourself that nothing is 100%!

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Baccarat winning 67%-33% loss — Small bankroll wins $200+/day. Important!Read description first.

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