6 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategy – 89 SPECIAL + NO MIRROR +$25 Profit – #3

  1. Be careful when you are winning because the dead broke bald-headed Botak Con-Artist Christopher Mitchell will steal your recipe of success! TQ

  2. Win $24 is good enough to have a sumptuous Christmas 🎄 Eve meal in a 5 Stars 🌟 Hotel! But the King 👑 of Baccarat, bald-headed Botak Con-Artist Christopher Mitchell & his family eats free from the best Restaurants in Las Vegas due to the Conman is a multi-million hairless incorrigble gambler! TQ

  3. Hello, you have a lot of tables to choose from. Ever thought of getting one unit from each system then move to another table and just repeat? Two units with a few different tables will add up.

  4. Hi Cheetos. You played the Wilson's BBP / PPB before right? I did some modifications to that strategy. If the hand is BBP – I will bet on P and if I lose I will go for the BBP. The same goes with the hand PPB – I will bet on B and if I lose I will start betting PPB. If you win on the first bet you will wait for the BBP or PPB sequence again. Perhaps you want to give it a try.

  5. You made this look TOO easy. Cut these folks some slack for bads sake!!🤣😂🤣🤣🤣

    Anyhow congratulations and you are ONE session away from BACK to $550.00 again. 😎

  6. Bro please check this pattern ,we can enter at any stage, we must wait for the percentage of 70 in player or banker and remaining to player or banker and we must wait that probability to fail and must bet on the previous stake which shown higher, most of the times it's a win for me,but at last I will loss everything while continues of 3 or more hrs, can't able stop, when it done,. Can't able to quit the game and set our mind that today u have done, for me this is not happening at all that why I think I lost every time, but my trick works if u don't mind just seen the pattern which I said will appear or not, thought to share with , all the postive and negative of this is acceptable so that I can improve at next time, hoping that u might reply me….also it can be more than 70 but don't bet if it is less than 65 , playing at safe zone I prefer that why I told any bet more than 68 will do so..

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