10 thoughts on “【Identity v】| facing toxic players in blackjack mode

  1. One time all 4 players went against me in black jack, I was the only one being targeted the whole match. I haven’t played black jack since then.

  2. Bro when did people become so vile in this game??? Like seriously, I remember when the only problem anyone had was with camping. Now everyones gotten so creative in how to be terrible.

  3. Man I had two painters who were teaming against me I only won 2 Blackjack modes in existence so it's not really fair when people team u

  4. there was nothing even toxic. not to justify teaming, but if you call plain teaming toxic then idk what ur thinking

  5. it remind me one match in asia server

    there were 3 players against me i dont even know why…

  6. this has happened to me, that's why i don't play it as often as i used to. IDV should not allow you to team up with this mode tbh

  7. this video is old but i once got 2 players called pipi and qiqi in a blackjack
    there was alr smth sus with the way names were similar but i wasnt that good atm and it was 2v1, they focused on eliminating me when i attacked one of them

  8. i will always proudly emote as coordinator in blackjack. call me toxic or wtv, its great

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