Blackjack 👉 THEY Said I Was “Aggressive”…UNTIL I Colored UP!

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JV upping his Blackjack bets and taking some chances! Nice winning Blackjack session at the Boulder Station casino in Las Vegas today. JV gets some big double down wins and increases his bets on some big hands for a nice Blackjack win. JV is playing double deck Blackjack and dealer hits on soft 17. Thanks for watching.
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Blackjack 👉 THEY Said I Was “Aggressive”…UNTIL I Colored UP!

10 thoughts on “Blackjack 👉 THEY Said I Was “Aggressive”…UNTIL I Colored UP!

  1. Hi! Last episode of this day's filming and JV makes a massive comeback in 45 minutes for a nice big color up!
    For those that are curious, we film for 3 hours at a time and break the sessions up to 3 shoes per session. This video is the last session of the day. The thumbnail represents JV's color up at the end of the day. NICE!!! Thanks for watching. Oh and I am trying to talk JV into going LIVE for a session soon. What do you all think about that? Good luck on the felt everybody! – Tanya

  2. there were a few times you should've surrendered, if it's allowed. Would've won the hands.

  3. Ive been playing blackjack for about 2 or 3 years now and honestly the more i play and watch people play the more im starting to really dislike this damn game!

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