Stay away from online blackjack 😡 #blackjack #shorts #onlinecasino

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Blackjack is brutal when you play online, it is terrible when you play and you have no control over anything. Like the way this dealer pulls this blackjack is the definition of how annoying online blackjack can Be 😡 #blackjack #shorts #onlinecasino

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Stay away from online blackjack 😡 #blackjack #shorts #onlinecasino

10 thoughts on “Stay away from online blackjack 😡 #blackjack #shorts #onlinecasino

  1. Also where is your bank roll management. You are playing mug bets and way under rolled. You should be doing 1usd bets with your bank roll. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  2. You’re stupid, gambling is only a form of entertainment, you’re supposed to lose. Secondly I’ve literally seen other clips of yours where you win a bunch and get lucky. You’re literally just a gambling addict that gets mad when they lose.

  3. At least when she got the Ace it ends the game, on pragmatic they’ll let you do splits & doubles knowing you’ll loose regardless if you get 2 21’s

  4. I knew a guy who worked as a dealer for an online casino. I was playing a lot and one day he was like: Believe me it seems like it's fair but it's rigged!

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