10 thoughts on “This is why you should play blackjack by the book 😡 #blackjack #shorts #onlinecasino

  1. Never split up a pair of aces while the shoes are newely changed. The odds that 10 will come is about 30 percent and the chances of low cards are about 70 percent. So ace, 2, 3, 4 are more likely to come out than 10. There are 128 tens and 288 non tens inside the shoe. On the other hand, soft 12 gives u two chances to win over the dealer: If you go over 21 using first chance, there is another chance remaining to achieve a better score. It is always worth hitting soft 12 at the beginning of the shoe. Never follow the strategy blindly and toss away your antes that easy. Also never double your initial wagers in such cases. When u notice that the shoe is ten rich, split them up and double it down

  2. "This is why you should never play as the book say" dude, 12 against 4 is stand! Thats not even question 😮

  3. i would for sure split 2's against a 4, but hitting 12 against a 4 is dumb, whats even more dumb is hitting one and standing on the other 😂😂

  4. You might be able to forgo the lost into a draw if you hit on the first one and hit on the 2nd one.

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