How to Play “Bubble Craps” – $54 Bets for Casino “Education” 😉 • The Jackpot Gents

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In this video, we play Digital Craps.

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How to Play “Bubble Craps” – $54 Bets for Casino “Education” 😉 • The Jackpot Gents

10 thoughts on “How to Play “Bubble Craps” – $54 Bets for Casino “Education” 😉 • The Jackpot Gents

  1. I believe with both Bubble Craps and Shoot To Win electronic craps they will pay you fractions of a dollar, not like real table games. Example: 8 Place bet pays 5.84 for a 5 dollar bet. Same with the other place bets as well as is the buy bets. Enjoying your video.

  2. Big 6 and Big 8 will also usually allow lower than table minimum bets, like $1. Pulls in some of the people with a small bankroll who don't want to put up $5.

    If my bankroll supports it, the only hedging I'll do is to bet a Come bet immediately after the point is set, then play odds on that additional point. If a 7 comes out, I'll lose the table point, but win the come bet. EDIT: ha, you covered this later in the video.

    I believe in playing the smartest bets – never field, hard ways, horn bets etc. But I do get a bit superstitious. I never play on a live table where anybody is playing don't come bets. They're betting against the rest of the table. I also do a place bet that along with the point adds up to 14, even on tough points like 10, I'll place bet on 4. It's just fun and has worked for me in the past.

  3. Nice to see you play bubble craps. I first learned playing craps on the multiple-player bubble craps version and now craps and video poker are the only games I play. Hopefully this intro to craps video will get more people to play this relatively low house edge game.

  4. 👍Nice bubble craps "101" tutorial. I think another good way to explain the Don't Pass bet or dark side bet as some call it, is to call it betting on the 7 instead of betting against the shooter. That terminology certainly stigmatizes this bet, and the casino generally doesn't mind this since it's an advantage bet once the point is established. I've found learning to operate the screen took a few sessions as well, and made some costly errors there. There is a learning curve to bubble craps in terms of this I have found. But yes, enjoy bubble craps, especially when betting on the dark side and avoiding getting the stink eyes at the table, though I think this is due to myth and bad education, for the dark side bettor is not playing with the house, not betting against the shooter, just betting on that ever popular 7.

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