Craps strategy “The Don’t-n-gale”

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Here I martingale the DON’T!!!

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Craps strategy “The Don’t-n-gale”

10 thoughts on “Craps strategy “The Don’t-n-gale”

  1. I don’t get why you make the don’t come bet. You’ve just doubled your chances of getting knocked off. YOU win with a seven but lose with a 4 or 10. IF YOU WANT TO increase your winnings ON THE SEVEN WHY Not LAY THE 4 for another 100? Indeed you’d be in big trouble if you had rolled the 6 or 8 on the don’t come out.

  2. Also if you are rolling hot, why not make some place bets for ten each? Four hits and you’re hedged with the don’t. Field plays well in the don’t scenario too. Why get married to an all or nothing strategy? I don’t see the upside.

  3. You’re definitely a much better 🎲 thrower than you are a singer. I don’t think the Idol or the Voice is in your future Amigo.
    Must be the tequila talking.

  4. You won big. If you’d put ten in the field and 40 inside you’d have won another 60.

  5. Rock star life aint for you. Its all ablut the craps life. Keep up the fantastic work

  6. Thank you enough with the light side already. Thought I lost you for a minute. It’s cool for you as a shooter but for most people to make money at craps you gotta be able to have that seven as a winner.

  7. I like it. There's potential to get burned with any Martingale so I'd play it with limits.

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