Secret Winning Craps Strategy 🎲

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Secret Winning Craps Strategy – This is a craps no 4 and no 10 plus Don’t pass strategy. The secret to winning at craps is to win even if the seven rolls. With this strategy you can do just that. You are hoping that the seven will be rolled even on the come out roll. Keep losing because the seven always rolls and you lose all your bets? Try this secret winning craps strategy out.

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Secret Winning Craps Strategy 🎲

10 thoughts on “Secret Winning Craps Strategy 🎲

  1. Craps game have no stragety……like this guy showing his stragety…..then I count his moneys, he never win bad

  2. I appreciate all the craps videos you make. But this one has got to be the most guyic system I've ever seen. There are three ways out of 36 to roll a 4 and three ways out of 36 to roll a 10. Sum those together and you have six ways to roll either a 4 or a 10. But there are also six ways to roll a 7. So what have you accomplished by laying the 4 and the 10? You've moved the losing number from 7 to either a 4 or a 10. You haven't in any way reduced the chances of losing money. If a 4 rolls, for instance, you lose $20. But without the lay bets, a 7 would have lost only $10. And even if you were to only lay $10 each on the 4 and the 10, you still would not have accomplished anything. With the lays, you have 6 chances out of 36 to hit either the 4 or the 10 and lose money. Without the lays you have six chances out of 36 to hit the 7 and lose money. But you are actually worse off with the lays because you pay a vig of 5% on them when they are hit. Again, this system is guyic. In fact, I'd go so far as to say that anyone who plays this way doesn't understand craps very well.

  3. I did this at the Cosmopolitan the other night and turned like 50 bucks into 2000.00. The whole table was wiped out, and i was the only 1 left

  4. what are your thoughts on a single $40 dollar lay bet either on 4 or 10 instead of $20 on 4 and 10 each? i would love to see a computer model comparing the two in the long term

  5. I don’t think that the house edge being slightly better on the don’t pass justifies playing it. It’s so much more fun to hit a point with a table than it is to roll a 7 and everyone lose and for you to catch dirty looks from everybody. I play craps because it’s fun and I guess I just don’t see the fun in betting the dark side.

  6. Just lay $33+1 against either the 5 or 9 for one roll to hedge that initial large Don't Pass bet. Choose the one that has been showing up a lot, you only have to get past that one roll. If a 7 hits you get paid $22 minus $1 for a $21 gain on it. Try to keep track how often you've been seeing the 5's and 9's as long as it doesn't become the point you can get by that first roll then remove it. Do it especially when the shooter has all 5 dice to choose from before his throw(obviously). Why would I lay both the 4 AND 10 at the same time? That's just stupid, you're giving the shooter 2 targets instead of 1 target.

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