Win with Magical Craps Strategy 🧙‍♂️

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Win with magical craps strategy is the latest video in the dice advice series. This craps strategy is called the color shift as we try and shift from red to green chips and color up. This craps strategy utilizes power press place bets as well as a regression move.

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Win with Magical Craps Strategy 🧙‍♂️

10 thoughts on “Win with Magical Craps Strategy 🧙‍♂️

  1. What is the house edge on the Don’t Pass bet on the come out vs after a point. I have a strategy that is zero risk after the point is established. And I have not seen this on YouTube at all. I’ve seen after a point is establish the shooter will place the same number but mine is different thanks

  2. This strategy was greatly helped by a long and magical 35 roller and still ended up only $98.

  3. In real life, why does it seem that it's always the 5 or the 9 that kicks you in the ????.

  4. This is a good strategy for a hot table but id probably still play the max odds on the pass line.

  5. Forgive my ignorance. Why press one number multiple times instead of spreading winnings to another number that hasn’t hit yet? I was thinking maybe it would be better to add to the 8 rather than keep pressing the six. Also, why not add to the higher percentage numbers before pressing the 4 or 10? Is there a rule I don’t know about, or is it to take advantage of streaks (sometimes numbers repeat and rollers hit the same number often)?

  6. Combining this strategy with 3-2-1 would probably help keep even more of the profits as you wouldn't be losing place bets so often, something to consider

  7. I like using a regression as well but this really is limiting your winnings compared to your initial outlay. Back test the long roll and if you just collected half, pressed up half you'd be up huge. Add in a regression doing something like that I think would be better. Even on those shorter rolls, you're still collecting some sort of a rebate vs power pressing every time

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