Everytime I Celebrated Too Early ♣️ Poker Highlights

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Here you can find all of the highlights of my streams. Whether they are failures, funny moments, or best moves. Next to that, there is extended footage from streams, clips, and compilations.

Welcome to the official Lex Veldhuis YouTube channel!

I’m Lex Veldhuis, a poker professional and an official ambassador of PokerStars. I have been in the poker industry for 17 years and counting! When I was only 5 years old I got in touch with computer games and got very competitive with beating the games. In 2004 I began with my first online poker games and the rest is history. In 2016 I started streaming every single game live on Twitch.

On my channel, you can expect all of my biggest scores and best runs, poker and stream highlights, and competitions. Next to that, I invest $100,000 per month of my own money in tournament buy-ins.

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Everytime I Celebrated Too Early ♣️ Poker Highlights

10 thoughts on “Everytime I Celebrated Too Early ♣️ Poker Highlights

  1. This is amazing bro funny as hell ty. Glgl in future early laughs 😂!

  2. One of your best videos ever put on YouTube! Sooo good!! 😂😂😂

  3. dude, I dont really play poker but I just watch you for entertainment, very nice vids, "laugh-and-lose" lol

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