Getting some good lessons ♣ Poker Highlights

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Getting some good lessons ♣ Poker Highlights

10 thoughts on “Getting some good lessons ♣ Poker Highlights

  1. Great vid, makes me think about how it gets even more complex when you start to factor in how opponents might have incorrect frequencies in lines and be over/under bluffing/calling, but for the baseline theory very nice

  2. 37:55 thoughts on check/raise? i imagine you want to check raise some 3x and hands with BDFD/BDSD and A seems good to me. I don't hate call, but X/R folds out all that bullbad like QJo, 9To and you still have good equity vs. Kx. You're also blocking 43, 33, and some K3o (which i actually 3b/fold pre).

  3. 5:48 Terrible fold. He could have high cards. He knows you don't have a king, then tanks the river for a long time wondering if he should bluff you off a hand like you did.

  4. Great video! Lots of useful lessons. What kind of hands valuebets consist of and why, how bluff catching works, how it is connected to bet sizes. Even donkbets are covered. I think a lot of this can also be used in lower stakes.

  5. At 52:26, Jordan says "he bets pot so we fold 50%". Do we not use the pot odds model on the river here? Our pot odds show we need 33% equity so I thought we call 67% of hands. Where is my thought process wrong here?

  6. max value thing charlie carrel didnt get milionair by accident tho it couldv took longer or shorter time. the 50% river bet is or an rly small induce since he prly has nothing, or is a really big bet to get lucky 2p set jacks

  7. na alles ong 25 voor zoom buyins shot geven en 200 buyins met mtt min denk ik fine als je echt goed bent. na stuk of 5 shot opgeven. anders niet spelen nederland t is weggegooid geld

  8. I mean that video is better than my grandma sunday lunch. Actually is a giftaway that last. Thanks Lex 😀

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