I DON’T LIKE 🤬 chop pots ♣ Stream Highlights

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Bad Beats ✅ Run good ✅ Aces cracked ✅ TILT ✅ Wins ✅ Bad bluffs ✅ Chop pots 😡 Triple knockouts ✅ Insane setups ✅ Fun ✅

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I DON’T LIKE 🤬 chop pots ♣ Stream Highlights

10 thoughts on “I DON’T LIKE 🤬 chop pots ♣ Stream Highlights

  1. You will be a good player,3 player are all in and you call with 55….Lucky MF

  2. that 43s jam was a huge punt with the dry side pot…. it was basically a 3x pot jam

  3. For what it’s worth I liked the old format better. We used to see your decision making process and how you played now we only see reactions it is funny but not why I watched the videos

  4. Lex I know the feeling. Last week I'm at 99 bbs, villian 101 he's on my direct left. I wake up with aces utg. I bet 2.5 bbs, he snaps. Folds around to the bb who shoves 20 bb. I reshove aa all in. This mfker calls off his 97 bbs with jacks. Nobody else in the tournament has 50. Villian JJ, hero AA and shortstack aq. Flop hits the jack and holds. 🤮 Out in 14

  5. I saw Lex at Lex Live and he looked like a statue I wish I could feel him just once

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