Limped Pot Mess? πŸ˜– Learn What NOT To Do! 🚫

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In this video, we’ll teach you the best way to navigate limped pots in poker. If you’re struggling to make it in the poker world, then this video is for you! Not only do you have to get away from some strong hands because ranges are uncapped in limp pots but you also must know how to maximize value in certain spots.

0:00 β€” Intro
0:58 β€” Preflop
2:45 β€” Flop
4:34 β€” Turn
6:48 β€” River
10:19 β€” Hero decision
11:58 β€” Reveal

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Limped Pot Mess? πŸ˜– Learn What NOT To Do! 🚫

10 thoughts on “Limped Pot Mess? πŸ˜– Learn What NOT To Do! 🚫

  1. Love how Bart and as a true coach. He's pointing out the weaknesses without over criticizing the player.

  2. That really hurt. Like I don’t even have all the seat position names memorized and that was still painful. Still glad that Bart had him on and treated him respectfully while giving him advice.

  3. If caller says he sees weird stuff in these hands, why the F is he limp calling with that garbage! What did he need to bet, A24 OFF?
    But, we can all learn.

  4. Lord that was hard to listen to. Well done Bart, not to roast the poor kid.

  5. This guys bankroll is literally $400. Players who play with scared money are the best to play with.

  6. Bart, if you never found poker as your calling in life, you would have been a great special ed teacher my dude.

  7. The love? On a passive weak table, I would raise the bad out of that hand all day long preflop, and obviously after that he just kept going straight donkfish style, every streetπŸ˜‚

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