Steffen Sontheimer Jumps Back Into the ZOOM 500 Pool 🤿 Poker Highlights

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Steffen Sontheimer is BACK playing higher stakes as he tackles 500 Zoom again after moving to Vienna. Expect higher stakes and more action coming very soon from the Pokercode cash game coach.

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Steffen Sontheimer Jumps Back Into the ZOOM 500 Pool 🤿 Poker Highlights

10 thoughts on “Steffen Sontheimer Jumps Back Into the ZOOM 500 Pool 🤿 Poker Highlights

  1. I’m going to use these techniques in my 5NL pool and I’ll donate 10% of my winnings to you, I’ll send it directly to your pokerstars account.

  2. Why did you move to Vienna? Thought you just moved to Germany with your GF two years ago.

  3. The in position jam with 89h make no sense when he has 31bb behind, and in a spot where you have no fold equity. If you just call, you can see the river for free and comfortably fold to a bet/jam when it bricks out. If he checks river and we make our draw/trips/2 pair we are getting the remaining 31 BB because he is never folding due to pot odds – if he was bluffing we are not getting the remaining 31 BB on the turn anyways, yet we keep his bluffs in for a river bet by just calling in position. Sometimes when we brick river it will go check check and we win the pot with our pair of 9s vs AK AQ AT A5, and random bluffs/giveups. The same logic holds true if we are OOP and facing a 2nd shell on the turn, we can just call and lead river when we make our hand, because he is not folding for 31 BB to win what will be 215 BB (6:1 on a call). Again sometimes it will go check check when we brick out, and his bluffs giveup. The key to this hand is that we are paired up in addition to our OESD and FD.

  4. What an absolute treat this content is Steffen. So very appreciated. Your play and explain is like Galfond tier, almost better. One of the absolute greatest players in the world articulating his thought process immaculately, Invaluable. You're awesome!

  5. When I watch high stakes players you are obviously very good theoretically but what separates you is how easy you break the hand down, the thought process and no anger or tilt

  6. RE 13:18, why is it that when there's a limper, a 3bet is more like a cold 4bet than a normal 3bet?

  7. Great video and love your commentary! "People have what they rep" = "They always have it when they bet"

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