ABC Poker Strategy – Does Not Work Here’s Why ♠️♠️♠️

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ABC Poker Strategy – Does Not Work Here’s Why

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ABC Poker Strategy – Does Not Work Here’s Why ♠️♠️♠️

3 thoughts on “ABC Poker Strategy – Does Not Work Here’s Why ♠️♠️♠️

  1. ABC poker works in very few tables such as a table with very gambly opponents. I will admit I do play ABC-ish sometimes (borderline nitty) but will not hesitate to frighten anyone I find out to be too much of a nit into folding their $12 to $25 raise into my stack so if everyone at my table is a nit, the money is mine.

    I honestly wouldn't raise all-in with the A8 trip 8's hand but at the same time I could understand why you did it with the 9 on the turn since it could be possible that your opponent could have 99 or river a jack with JJ or a queen with QQ so it isn't a bad shove.

    I would usually slow-play a flopped full house (even bottom full house) since you wouldn't lose to a whole lot and let opponents bluff at it. I only slow play middle set or better and check-raise bottom set.

    The AK fold was beautiful since I have had times where I had to fold the hand pre to avoid 3 to 4 way all-ins.

  2. Hey man, love the vids. Do u ever play on betonline? If so what's your opinion on the site. Thanks

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