Best Mid Stakes Poker Strategy to Crush $200 Cash Games! ♠️♠️♠️

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Best Mid Stakes Poker Strategy to Crush $200 Cash Games! ♠️♠️♠️

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Best Mid Stakes Poker Strategy to Crush $200 Cash Games! ♠️♠️♠️

10 thoughts on “Best Mid Stakes Poker Strategy to Crush $200 Cash Games! ♠️♠️♠️

  1. Just used this site, make sure to not sigh up with bonuses as it locks the money in. I lost but it was a fun site will use again.

  2. Limp calling K9s on EP vs IP? I don’t recommend limping at all. Then lead shoving 3.5x pot on the river? When he clearly capped his range on the turn, most of the times he will bet a King with double flush draw on the board. You’re basically hoping he checked back a King, which should be a weak king if he does check. You could bet a 1/3 or 3/4 on the river hoping he raises his king and call the other weak hands like Qx

  3. Not ideal to call 4-bets OOP, if you said that you’re not folding and so be it if he had AA or KK, i would just 5-bet shove specially in an anonymous site, he still might have JJ sometimes and you deny equity to AK and if he calls you’re ahead

  4. Calling a 3-bet OOP w/ T7s on mp vs a CO 3-bet? MP and EP I play somewhat of a tight range, CO+ is where you can go a little

  5. AQo call on EP vs BB 3-bet is already loose, and i don’t like you shove at all, you still want to get value of TT, JJ, 99, AK, etc. And if an A’s comes you cooler him.

  6. 86s call on SB vs EP? I don’t know how much is the rake, but in a high rake environment I play a 3-bet or fold strat. Vs regs.

  7. Best Mid Stakes Poker Strategy to Crush $200 Cash Games! ♠♠♠ also him limps K9s UTG 😂 Also says it's gonna cost me a 4th of my stack but at the same time it's queens. I know i'm behind against AA or KK… STILL Proceeds to call, wtf?? All your videos are you playing badly and getting lucky I bet you are losing alot of money and pretending to be some sort of a pro, trying to fund your gambling addiction through your affiliate links lol.

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