10 thoughts on “FLOPPING TWO PAIR 😍😍 #pokernight #poker

  1. If Michigan didn't lay such an egg in the first half, no one would be discussing this, haha. Michigan obviously would've been the better opponent for UGA, but TCU earned their way to the natty

  2. I’d have to think that guys opening range for razor have to be something like ace king ace queen, so I would like a three bet on the flop for protection to running pair cards or running suit cards and then evaluate on the turn

  3. Definitely a disciplined check back on the river. You're only getting called by better with that board.

  4. Nice check back. Only better hands are going to call unless it's AK. And if you get jammed on now you are either pot committed or put yourself in a tough situation

  5. This was the worst thing to watch. Homie butchered his hand πŸ‘Œ πŸ’― your supposed to raise the turn all day…. Missed value….

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