How do you play this squeeze spot? #ggpoker #pokerstrategy #poker #cashgamepoker

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#poker #pokerstrategy #paulpunts #ggpoker #cashgamepoker

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How do you play this squeeze spot? #ggpoker #pokerstrategy #poker #cashgamepoker

3 thoughts on “How do you play this squeeze spot? #ggpoker #pokerstrategy #poker #cashgamepoker

  1. Actually it is a fold . You open on cut off 2.5 bb , called by button , raise by big blind . Big blind represent all high Axs and 10s+. Calling in this spot gives the button opportunity to raise also and bring you i this unfortunate spot when you need to call 70+ bb. The problem isnt that you got raised by buttok but you called Big Blind raise. But that's my opinion as a tournament player .

  2. 99 is mostly a fold vs a squeeze, like 80% of the time vs BB. In theory the BTN player has only JJ or QQ here, when he shoves. And thus 99 is in theory a fold. Therefore you should make a note of this guy that he maybe likes to flat call AKo vs late position RFI.

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