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  1. Can you give me just one reason to 4bet pre? What range is he continuing with against utg? What is your equity against that range? What range you are flating here? Do you balance your range? Are you afraid to play postflop? You just want to flip? Beacuse flipping here is the best that can happen. Most of the time you are far behind in this spot. Except if you don't play against a maniac. This guy doesn't look like a maniac. Terrible play. Imo here you can 4bet bluff or 4bet KK, AA. Everything else should be in your flating range. On this stake people dont bluff enough for your play to be profitable. By flatting you keep weaker hands in your opponents range while at the same time balancing your range and allowing him to make a mistake. By 4beting you just make it super easy for him to play against you.He just folds all his bluffs and he continues with his premium range. You are not letting him make any mistakes. anyway..as i said before. You have a lot to study. Focus on that.

  2. When you 4 bet AKs you destroy your positional advantage with a hand that realize equity very well IP. 4 bet AKo if you want.

  3. 14÷ 3bet from this guy is pretty high on average. Normally a 3bet ÷ from BB should be around 4÷ and AKs loses hard vs the value but wins hard vs the bluff range. Given that this guys is 3betting more frequently than he should, he probably has value owned 3bets in his range. QQ actually should be called by BB over 80÷ time in this situation. I think TT is in his range here as well as AQ probably. Therefore I like the 4bet rather than a call. If the guy has closer to 8-10÷ 3bet you can mix in a call now and then. And for nits that hardly 3bet bluff in this case <6÷ 3bet, I'd call this hand and play position.

  4. Meh i think AKs wanna mix but you still wanna 4b KK+ so mixing AKs and some other stuff is fine but i would mainly flat AKs

  5. Snap call really ? I mean depends on the profile but online I rarely see anything than AA-KK jamming

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