Poker Cooler FELTS Player After Going ALL IN! #Shorts

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Two Pair (King Queen) vs. Bottom Set (Pocket Sevens) leads to an ALL IN Bet & a Poker Player being FELTED! Full Hand –
Full $1/$3 NL Hold’em Live Stream –

Rosey from Poker Vlog Next Gen Poker felt very confident when he went ALL IN with Two pair (King Queen) against Teek. As you can see in this hand, Teek had Pocket Sevens which flopped a set! This poker hand came from the $1/$3 NL Texas Hold’em Poker Game head at Texas Card House over on @TCH LiVE .

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Poker Cooler FELTS Player After Going ALL IN! #Shorts

7 thoughts on “Poker Cooler FELTS Player After Going ALL IN! #Shorts

  1. Full Hand –
    Full $1/$3 NL Hold'em Live Stream –

  2. Awe to be 19 and gambling with parents and or college grant money. I remember the days. Good luck boys. Turn up or get turned out.

  3. Got into similar position. I flop top two pairs A8, opponent flopped trip 4. But the Turn was another A. He jam, i call, i won.

  4. At least the dude who got felted has nice hair, the winner looks like he tied a dead rat to his head.

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