Poker is FUN when RUNNING GOOD ♣ Poker Highlights

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We’re back again this week, with the best moments of Sunday’s Livestream on Twitch! Check out how I got two poker wins on stream. Subscribe to my channel for more videos:

Here you can find all of the highlights of my streams. Whether they are failures, funny moments, or best moves. Next to that, there is extended footage from streams, clips, and compilations.

Welcome to the official Lex Veldhuis YouTube channel!

I’m Lex Veldhuis, a poker professional and an official ambassador of PokerStars. I have been in the poker industry for 17 years and counting! When I was only 5 years old I got in touch with computer games and got very competitive with beating the games. In 2004 I began with my first online poker games and the rest is history. In 2016 I started streaming every single game live on Twitch.

On my channel, you can expect all of my biggest scores and best runs, poker and stream highlights, and competitions. Next to that, I invest $100,000 per month of my own money in tournament buy-ins.

New videos will be uploaded every day. Subscribe to our channel and turn on post notifications so you never miss a video!

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Poker is FUN when RUNNING GOOD ♣ Poker Highlights

10 thoughts on “Poker is FUN when RUNNING GOOD ♣ Poker Highlights

  1. at 50:24., how bad is calling there with 22?., coz im calling there like a 100%. would love to have heard lex thoughts then. Even if lex loses his chip lead, he'll still be one of the bigger stacks on the table. villan has so many ax, and other face cards., so lex will be flipping against many hands is my thinking.

  2. ну такое дерьмище…..был не раскручен…..сосал…..подраскрутился,сел на контракт…..и произошло чудо….стало закрываться все……да да да…..совсем не палевно…

  3. Running good = getting lucky over and over. How is this seen as a profession? Getting all in worse hand but hitting the luck and getting runner runner card over and over..or let's say u have the better hand like 88 vs 66 to not get hit by the 6..bc that just happens to me ALL THE TIME! So why is that?

  4. I would like a random number generator. I can’t win as many all-in fieldings from above as you from below… what can I say…

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