4 thoughts on “Straight on the Flush Board 😬 #pokerstrategy

  1. Am I missing something? I know the flush is there, but you have the nut straight. With that board any 10 MIGHT check the turn to pot control/induce a bluff and then raise that river for value especially in a tournament setting. I’d have at least bet turn and river big to get him to call down with 10x.

    Basically through out that hand you thought your hand had mediocre value while, I would have put it in my allin premium hands many for its potential to cooler 10x straights and sets.

    I’m just wondering if you completely dismissed the though of him have 10x?

    The way to think about poker is not only trying to lookout for opportunities to save money (i liked you didn’t snap call the river) but also look for opportunities to make a lot especially when you dominate the allin range of your opponent. Allin range meaning how many of his hands he’ll shove or call a allin in with.

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