4 thoughts on “‪Little Poker Advice #16: Satellites

  1. This needs to be thought out a little better. If you're a winning 2/5 reg and your min cash EV in sub 1k tourneys is 1/8. It seems to me that by satellite-ing in you increase your overall EV by reducing your entry cost. This requires a few different assumptions like most people double bullet into these smaller events (about 40% roughly) and when you do better than min cash, the math is also favorable because payout curves are logarithmic in these smaller events and not linear. I get what you are saying but not sure it's a correct message.

  2. Of all your tips this is probably the one I least understand your position. IMHO satellites are a great way to enter larger buyin main events, if you are planning to buyin into the main event regardless. Let's say the satellite cost is 1/10th of the main buyin, you could fire two satellite bullets, if you win you are in the main for 0.1 or 0.2 buyins, if you lose both sattys, you can still enter the main for a total of 1.2 buyins. I think it's a risk worth taking if you are a good satellite player, which is a different skill set to be sure. Also, what about online satellites to places like PCA, EPT, etc. Are you saying players shouldn't try to win those?

  3. blaz zerjav would disagree but he is an outlier. according to a push back in the comments i guess people like sattelites. jon has modified his opinion in little coffees.slightly. i will add that it is a different game.

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