Controversial Opinion: Stop Playing GTO Poker ♣️

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Controversial Opinion: Stop Playing GTO Poker ♣️

10 thoughts on “Controversial Opinion: Stop Playing GTO Poker ♣️

  1. This is hardly controversial. When I re-dedicated myself to the game about a year ago, I was studying the GTO-based teachings of numerous mid/high stakes pros and getting completely wrecked in my micro/low stakes games. I’ve since evolved to more exploitative strategies and my results/bankrolls are the better for it.

    GTO is merely a baseline for you to understand where your opponents deviate from sound preflop/postflop play. From there, it’s up to you to exploit those errors.

  2. Play gto against players who knows about gto, playing gto against noobs especially in micros will result in a disaster

  3. GTO only works if you’re playing against mathematically precise opponents.
    Most of the time, the correct way to play is to constantly adjust your strategy depending on the play style of your opponents(nit, LAG, TAG, rec, maniac, whale, etc.)

  4. I have found that without realizing it that I've allowed myself to get bombarded with data from too many sources.
    I completely agree w this.

  5. People should develop logical thinking and imagination. If vilain is betting u just imagine with what hands u will play the same way and try to make logical sense of it. GTO is good against very good players but again if you can think logically u wont play against very good players and you will table select and try to play the times when there are lot of fishes. The money come from fishes and u dont need gto against fishes. I am not that smart but it is just common sense.

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