Lex Veldhuis vs Vanessa Selbst: HUGE Raising WAR ♠️ Best of The Big Game ♠️ PokerStars

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Merry Christmas! Joe Stapleton and James Hartigan show you the best moments with pocket snowmen, aka: pocket 8s! Get ready for some huge pots, ft. Lex Veldhuis and Vanessa Selbst.
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We’re taking a trip down memory lane to make you relive some of the most iconic moments of the PokerStars Big Game! Watch compilations and listicles of the craziest moments from the Big Game, the next generation of high stakes cash poker. We’ve got some exclusive throwbacks for you, featuring Daniel Negreanu, Phil Laak, Doyle Brunson, Barry Greenstein and many more pro poker players. With 5 top pros (who buy themselves in for $100,000) and one Loose Cannon, anything can happen…Check out some amazing bluffs and epic poker hands, see how a Loose Cannon takes on pro poker players and watch some CRAZY poker showdowns.


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Lex Veldhuis vs Vanessa Selbst: HUGE Raising WAR ♠️ Best of The Big Game ♠️ PokerStars

10 thoughts on “Lex Veldhuis vs Vanessa Selbst: HUGE Raising WAR ♠️ Best of The Big Game ♠️ PokerStars

  1. When did Vanessa Selbst get so good-looking?

    edit: Just in case they corrected the error, I said this because they initially said Selbst instead of Rousso in the title.

  2. lol at "Vanessa Selbst" hahaha But in saying that, I can see the poor uploaders confusion, Selbst and Rousso do actually have a few things in common besides their first name…..heh heh

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  4. Great read from Daniel Negreanu, this is how to lose your money at poker, the dumbest activity in the world !!!!!

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