MOST IMPORTANT Poker Tip For Going PRO! – Forget At Your PERIL ☠️

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This might be the MOST Important poker tip to keep in mind before becoming a full time poker pro. If you’re wondering how to become a pro poker player, it starts HERE.

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As I stated in the start of today’s pro poker advice, becoming a professional poker player or making your living from poker full-time happens differently for everybody.

There is one key element that you MUST keep in mind however.
Don’t just suddenly quit your job to go pro without a long proven track record of beating poker as a side-hustle or side-income.

You really should have proven results showing that you can win while playing part-time (many great recreational players do) before you decide to make the huge leap of essentially pausing your career or financial growth.

You should be able to win consistently while playing poker part-time using proper poker training, poker coaching, through the use of a quality poker course, or some combination of the above and other poker training tools.

Your win-rate will be higher if you play and dedicate yourself full-time to poker, but that implies you already have a positive win-rate and a positive win-rate that can sustain yourself.

Maybe you’re just on a sun run (running hot!).

If you’re building huge chip stacks already but still looking for how to improve at pot limit omaha, no limit hold ‘em, or poker in general, Phil Galfond is here to teach you how to think like a professional poker player.

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MOST IMPORTANT Poker Tip For Going PRO! – Forget At Your PERIL ☠️

10 thoughts on “MOST IMPORTANT Poker Tip For Going PRO! – Forget At Your PERIL ☠️

  1. Whats an extended time period I am currently in this situation “on the side” grinding micros and I have about 25k hands worth of volume. Hands wise what is a legitimate amount of volume?

  2. Ive been considering going pro but have been very hesitant to do so, since i have a good salary/benefits at my current corporate job. Its a very mentally taxing job as well. I have been playing live tournaments on the side, in vegas for almost 2 years i have played 98 live tournaments (basically once a week with an avg buyin of $500). I have an itm of 19% and 56% roi . I have 100% of myself as well. Is this considered an extended time frame of proven results? Is a 100 live tourneys enough data/volume?

  3. I went full time because I found a soft website that I was able to crush.

  4. Proving one is a winning player at live poker is a lot more difficult. Particularly if you're playing a swingier game like PLO.

    Let's say you get to play 15-20 hours a week outside of your normal work hours.

    After a years time, you've played approximately 1000 hours or 20k hands. A year is a long time, and a given stakes pool can change pretty rapidly. So even fi you're a winning player over that year, you'd still be taking a pretty big leap of faith deciding to go pro.

    Overall, deciding to go pro as a live poker player requires quite a big leap of faith which is difficult to work around. It's better to have a backup plan – e.g., on top of having a years worth of expenses saved, have a job or industry you can enter into pretty much straight away if poker doesn't work out.

    Lastly, people should try playing poker part-time before they go pro. That's because even if they have the intelligence and will power to make it, they may find that the reality of the grind doesn't match their expectations. If one finds themselves dragging their feet to the poker table when playing part time, imagine what it's like having to do it full time.

  5. Bro I like your videos and your knowledge
    But why all videos are with action freak

  6. I quit by job played poker full time went on a 10k downswing started playing with scared money wasn’t turning a big enough profit had to get a job again and rebuild bankroll please take this advice Thankyou Phil I’m a profitable player but it wasn’t nearly enough to support my lifestyle you know I see a lot of these Argentinian pros and yes they are supporting themselves playing cards but they live a VERY MINIMALIST lifestyle in fact I’ve found that lost 2/5 or 5/10 grinders are very cheap they tip a dollar on a 3k pot and bring their lunch to work and are very very careful how they spend their money so not too glamorous of a lifestyle but yes the freedom to play cards for a living that’s what enticed me the most playing poker doesn’t feel like work so technically I’d never have to work again but I was not properly bankrolled I will be back thanks for everything Phil!

  7. It's also way easier to win as a part time player with a job than full time player with no job.

    Youre playing more hours at the good times and it's way easier mentally to play well when you don't have to win.

    It's easy to get in 500 hours on a year in good games it's a lot harder to find 2000 good hours.

  8. Who the hell would want to be a "professional" poker player? You can make more money for less work in the real world.

  9. Can't beat the clowns at my level because they never fold so I need to move up to beat better, thinking players.

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