Phil Hellmuth LOSES IT 😳 #PokerStars #Hellmuth

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Phil Hellmuth with ace-king goes against Dani Stern’s pocket 5s. Who comes out alive? #Shorts
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Because sometimes less is more. This is what #Shorts is about: The best plays, the best players, and the best tables. We present you the top moments that left us speechless in less than what it takes your popcorn to pop.


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#PokerStars #Shorts #Pocket5s

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Phil Hellmuth LOSES IT 😳 #PokerStars #Hellmuth

10 thoughts on “Phil Hellmuth LOSES IT 😳 #PokerStars #Hellmuth

  1. Phil Hellmuth is complete trash. He is perhaps the worst sportsman I’ve ever seen.
    He acts up just to get the camera on him. And that takes the camera away from the winner.
    He’s trash, complete trash.

  2. Phil is an average poker player nowadays. His lack of aggresion limits his game. He won tournaments when only the degenerates, drunks played the game. Now that its mainstream, he has been exposed.

  3. When there's a pair on the board, an Ace high flush isn't the "Nut Flush", its simply an Ace high flush.

  4. Martha Stewart could Out bluff . , the ‘brat ….”
    Trouble is he can’t recognize when he is beat outright.. “ A.. ,K 😮?

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