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Melanie is a professional poker player, coach, and Vanywhere ambassador – on this week’s Vany-Show she gives us top poker tips – how to read people and how to spot when someone is bluffing you, all through the Vanywhere app.

Yes, I am Melanie Weisner and I am a professional poker player and coach.
Alright great Melanie so let me ask you the first question then
So.. how to read people? I think this is my weakness, I’m too focused in my cards
maybe.. idk maybe you can give me a tip on reading people.
Sure. So what I would suggest to all players that they chat with the players at the table
like when they’re on the hand or whatever, get to know them, ask where they’re from
just like random kind of chat, and get a sense, pay attention when you’re doing that
and get a sense for what they are like when they’re comfortable.
How they behave, what their body language is, what they look like,
and you use that as your baseline behaviour, and then you can take what you see
in a hand and compare it to what you saw before
And that way you get a.. it’s not just – he was quiet, he was bluffing or he was quiet he was..
he didn’t ah.. he was quiet, he was bluffing, he was quiet.. he had a big hand..
It’s more like – compared to how you saw them act when they were comfortable
how far does this really deviates.
So you want to get into the baseline behaviour, and then you want to trust your instincts
to calibrate sort of where they are in relation to when you saw them comfortable.

Alright so smalltalk is important.. ok..

Try small talking with them, get a sense of what they like, and see if they’re going

quiet so maybe it’s a tell.

That’s right.

Alright cool.. so my next question is actually about bluffing

and.. how do you spot someone bluffing at the table?

So hmm, I’ve played so long so I have a really good idea of how to read people based on what I just said, this sort of calibration, base on their comfortable behaviour.

But I also look for a lot of other things like, when people are bluffing, they behave sort of like an animal that is trying to avoid detection.

It’s very primal the fear, so if you say something to the person you can get a good reaction

like sometimes I will tell people what I have, the exact hand that I have and I’ll see how they react.

Now of course some great players won’t necessarily give that away, but some people will

defiantly react in a way that will tell you if you’re good or not, so if they don’t have a good hand

sometimes they can’t quit meet your gaze, they can’t bring themselves to look you in the eye

hmm, other times they may have been really talkative earlier and really comfortable

and now they are very very quiet and very still.

Hmm, if they, if something happens they’re very aware that they want to avoid

detection in this kind of animalistic sense.

So if something happens that.. there’s an accidents like a chip falls out of their stack

or something happens, you’ll notice people bluffing try very quickly to like

regain their cool as if nothing happened, so I look for stuff like that.

Hmm, and sometimes when people get into like talking then I can get them to tell me

a little bit more.

Alright sounds great,

So.. you recently joined us at Vanywhere

as an ambassador of the poker vertical.

And I’d like to hear some about

your plans with Vanywhere,

what are you planning to doing with us?

Yeah.. so part of my.. hmm..

professional in poker is coaching, I’ve been doing this

for a few years, it’s really rewarding, I was self taught coming up,

and I really enjoy in parting this kind of knowledge, everything that I learned,

you know in the last decade of my career to new players, I’d like seeing them

having that ‘aha moment’ and discovering new things and moving up stakes, and improving

and it’s really very rewarding to see from the other side.. the not playing side.

And it’s a little bit.. hmmm.. it’s not so streamlined the situation with coaching

at the moment.

There’s a lot of different sites, there’s a lot of different methods

and you know sometimes I do on person, and sometimes I do on Skype

and sometimes I do on FaceTime.. it’s not.. there’s not like one go-to platform

and I sort of envision Vanywhere as being that go-to platform,

so anyone can connect with any person anywhere, you don’t have to go..

you don’t have to find them, and schedule with them, and decide on which video service

to use, you just like call it immediately and you have access.

I also think it would be a really cool resource when someone is in a high pressure situation,

think has never been done before, so if you are very far in a tournament, deep in a tournament

or you’re in a game and you want some like advice in real time, you have

a very tough opponent, you could call someone on your break and tell them

what’s going on and get some advice

and I think that is unbelievable and unparalleled access,

and I love the idea of giving that to people

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Professional Poker Player Melanie Weisner top tips ♠️♥️♣️♦️