Learn this Secret POKER Strategy for Trading.. 🤫

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Mentfx Mentorship/Community: http://mentfx.com/
Ment Funding: https://www.mentfunding.com/
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I do not regularly check Instagram, almost all my time and priorities are aligned with getting my youtube videos out and dealing with my mentorship community and its members as well as private content on a day-to-day basis. There is extreme depth available in the private community. Join for a month and learn what it means to have access to tools that exist to transform you and give you the independence to do it yourself. If you want longer form, step by step based content, the mentorship is for you.

(note: I do NOT provide signals of any sort, this is the highest end of education you are going to receive. We have newly made profitable members month after month and a course that continues to create an understanding unlike any other in individuals that join and choose to learn with mentfx – see Instagram too).

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The teachings in these videos are partly inspired by the following people:
Richard D. Wyckoff
Elliot Wave Theory
Dow Theory
Richard Dennis (Turtle Traders) Approach
Darvas Box Theory
Kristjan Qullamaggie Breakout Theory
Stockbee (Pradeep burst theory)
ICT (InnerCircleTrader): https://www.youtube.com/user/InnerCircleTrader

and others along the way… We are traders, which means we are allowed to keep learning forever. A rule of thumb though is: focus on one thing until you find profitability – then grow as a trader as you will have the skillset and understanding to further add or take-away things from your current system.

DISCLAIMER: Any money made or lost in the markets is your responsibility. My concepts and ideas and theories should be demoed on a fake/demo account before being taken to the live markets. If taken to the live markets, any money made or lost is under your OWN discretion and YOUR OWN responsibility. Past performance does not guarantee future results. My personal results are not disclosed nor are they typical, you should expect to lose money if you trade. The performance of past, current, or future results of members or viewers is not tracked so you should not expect anything other than what you learn about yourself while studying and your own results. Responsibility of anything done in the markets, demo or live, is at your sole discretion and Anton/mentfx LLC will not be held liable in any way. Everything here is perspective based, purely for educational purposes, and should be treated as an entirely simulated environment.

Thanks. I look forward to having you as a client and talking to you. -Anton


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Learn this Secret POKER Strategy for Trading.. 🤫

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