Live Slot Play on $300 Budget 🎰 Learn How to Control Your Spending!

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Today we are at Winstar Casino with a $300 budget to play slot machines. In this video we will show and demonstrate how to maximize your time at the casino and extend your bankroll while playing slots!

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Live Slot Play on $300 Budget 🎰 Learn How to Control Your Spending!

9 thoughts on “Live Slot Play on $300 Budget 🎰 Learn How to Control Your Spending!

  1. If you are limiting a machine to 100, how about only putting 100 in instead of all 300…

  2. Thought you said in another video that the bingo slots were bad choice to play! I’m confused

  3. I've trid using the $100.00 method, However, don't think it works on bingo machines. Or machine which uses horses. Waitin until I get to Vegas.

  4. Just to prove even more how 'its gambling ' and anything can happen…. had 40$ left for what i allotted myself. I put it on a machine i just have fun playing but is super volatile! ( cash bats🤣) Played literally 88 cents. 4 button pushes in i tripled the $40… 4 more, i hit the Major ($ 1260)….. **On a penny slot at 88 cents and 40 bucks in… Left with $1,299. Crazy… you just never know what can happen. I play for fun.. The money is a bonus. Once again, Thanks for the realistic videos. 👍💯

  5. The wife and I were playing Triple double Diamonds at our local casino . It was only a 1c Machine max 2.00 and we got five symbols many times and on different machines. One time we both hit five symbols sitting right next to each other. We turned $400 into $1500 that night. Thank you cowboy slots for the information.

  6. You are absolutely correct that in theory, all atm cards, credit cards should
    stay at home and you should only bring the exact amount you are able to
    lose with you in cash to a casino but if you are traveling, especially if staying in any hotel, they all require a credit card to check in and it’s also important to have an emergency source of
    funds, just in case, so it’s pretty difficult to realistically do that. If someone doesn’t have a really strong sense of discipline and control they should avoid a casino entirely.

  7. Would you guys give your thoughts on VLTs please? I have a state run racino close by and am wondering if the same games presented in VLT form payout the same as casino slots. Thanks.

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