*Sample Roulette* Sampling Random Records šŸ”„

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In this video, I start the Sample Roulette Series where I sample random records online and turn them into bangers šŸ”„

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*Sample Roulette* Sampling Random Records šŸ”„

10 thoughts on “*Sample Roulette* Sampling Random Records šŸ”„

  1. Thats fire bro, my music finally getting decent, been watching u since i started, thank you homie, Love

  2. I just signed up for tracklib, I gotta be honest its pretty underwhelming from the way its been marketed.
    Things I expected from watching ads and promos from youtubers were that there were tons of known artists to sample from, and that those songs would contain stems.
    However maybe 200/"100k+" total songs contain stems, and some of those are simply just an acapella or instrumental.
    99.9% of the artists are unknown and obscure, mostly made within the last decade, and remind me more of a "sample library" like kingsway, rather than actual songs.
    The songs that do contain stems are pretty low quality. I mean were paying for a professional service, but you can still hear all the background instruments from any stem. It STILL needs processing and work done to it even though its paid for.
    Maybe im crazy but I feel like its pretty scammy, and at this point its not much different than splice, except with splice, everything is stemmed out, clean, and with splice you get 100s of samples vs 15 for the same price.

  3. sounding dope game, vibes, interesting way of chopping the audio with slicex, i normally do kick to snare chops even when there's no drums, helps to avoid the timing issues, most times lol..and then when it doesn't, you can just adjust the start and end markers for the chops in slicex that are sliding out of time, you know live musicians never play perfectly to the grid, they play perfectly to the groove. love always bro. more life

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