3 thoughts on “ROULETTE STRATEGY – EASY SETUP & LOW RISK 💲💲💲 😎 no regret

  1. How is a $300 layout at risk ,a low risk system against 6 uncovered numbers ????Especially when you only win only $60 on 8 numbers and $30 on 24 numbers one at a time….??? In 38 theoretical spins if each number showed up one time you’d lose $1800 and win $1200….
    For a negative return of -$600……This is a very weak system…..And can wipe out a bankroll fast…..Once you lose $300 a couple times you’ll never catch it back up before you’d lose another $300……I’d never play it….

  2. They rollette is rigged they chose the no. Which u not selected… try it

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