10 thoughts on “🌕lighting roulette casino tricks🥰 ⚡ casino tips 🌕 BIG WIN 😍1,50,000 🌟CASINO BIG PROFIT💫

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  2. There are 2 things.
    1. There is no trick or methodology in this video.
    2. Watch this video and play but only if you want to loose your money.

    I'm damn sure, He lost all his 1,54,000 in the next spins and he only showed till his lucky spins but not loses.

    Run 🏃💨….. No strategy, Bullbad play.

  3. Sabse badi chiz hai Patience Control Discipline jo ye sikh happya loss m nahi jaega kabhi
    Kisi ko koi tips chahiye ho to bolna baaki

  4. U r lucky that u didn't got 4,2,6 otherwise won't survive for long run..if I bet like you..defntly 4,,6 comes and am out of it

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