10 thoughts on “Secret way to play Roulette. Roulette Winning Strategy. Best ROULETTE WINNING SYSTEM.

  1. Another of your system that bad….
    Been watching and keeping a tab and after 26 spins I would be down $310 and betting $100 per unit….
    Why don't you play for real money and show us live, I can make a video after 10 trys and show you any system that will win.

  2. That's a good way to cover all the numbers and you showed how it worked. tnx. But people still lose,. . Could be because of double zero and zero

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  4. Another stupid strategy..
    Tested in real casino environment by way of mock play. Lost big money even with small bets. Just stupid

  5. I like All the strategy you do and I use them to help me not loosing a lot off money adding other numbers

  6. Horrendous strategy tried it out an at one point had 20 units on each section and at that point your trying to play catch up because of the constant loses, don't use it you will lose money

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