Lex vs. PokerStars Team Pros ♣ Poker Highlights

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Over the years I’ve played numerous hands against fellow Team Pro members and here are some of them for you to enjoy. From funny moments to big hands in a $25,000 tournament.

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Lex vs. PokerStars Team Pros ♣ Poker Highlights

10 thoughts on “Lex vs. PokerStars Team Pros ♣ Poker Highlights

  1. Tony G: he doesn't deserve any applause..he called with king jack!!?
    Tony G: is this how you play poker?? And you call yourself a professional

  2. I love the way you edit back and forth across the separate streams and show the same hand from both perceptions. The time that this must have taken to compile…well done to you and your editors.

  3. This is SUCH a good advertisement for poker. Beautifully edited and super fun behind the scenes look into the game from the players perspectives. The highs, the lows, the laughs, great stuff😎

  4. omg lex taking the piss out of xflix loveing killed me. lmfao!!! yeah wtf was he doing. hahahahahah

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