Why I Stopped Playing Tournaments

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I don’t play poker tournaments as much anymore and there are several reasons for this.

I am going to explain why I cut back on tournaments in this video.

Do you play poker tournaments? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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– Nathan “BlackRain79” Williams

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Why I Stopped Playing Tournaments

10 thoughts on “Why I Stopped Playing Tournaments

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  2. I like cash games with fishes – heads up or 3 max is the best. MTT is boring before the bubble. I use Poker Tracker 4.

  3. Mate, becoming the big stack in a tournament is not the same as becoming as powerful as a big corporation. Big corporations have years, decade and sometimes even centuries of lobbying, swindling and wage theft. The world isn't evenly balanced like a tourney is.

  4. Good video. I concur. I'm probably a bit addicted so I'm playing like way too much. $5.50 I'm playing right now Bounty Hunter party poker, yes lot of your time. But right now it's getting kind of fun 600 started.. 200 left… level 12.. structure of 8 minute levels…I'm number 61 of 205 it's become intriguing .. it's just kind of more of a sneaky kind of game now waiting for your chance when you're ahead… you don't get that in cash. Plus it's a free roll now from bounties. ITM starts at 95 players.. I'm 69/174 now. This is small stakes intrigue.

  5. Big question here besides tournaments or cash games topic. Is the dream still alive??? Talking about mking a nice/ok living not about becoming the next phil ivey or blackrain. Share your experience to motivate meee cause im puting hours and studying and not seeing the results quite yet, thank you!!

  6. Cash. 2-3 hours a day. ~12bbs/100. Much Less Variance, as Nathan says. I like the patient grind. Not getting rich. But not going broke either.

  7. I agree. I just don't have 8-12 hours to sit and play. It's fun but as a father, husband and full time employee I just don't have the time.

  8. What do you think about zoom and nlh ? Any difference in strategy or not much different .

  9. Natan, I'm playing nl2 at this moment, almost nl5 (6-max always) and I have a question. I've downloaded your Book Massive Profit for free and there a few things diferent from Crushing the microstrakes. So What I need to follow?

    When I move up to nl5 would be nice to buy "The microstakes playbook"? Or I can wait and playing nl5 with the same strategy of nl2?


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