Playing $1/$2 Live Poker At Orange City 路 SplitSuit VLOG 001

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It’s time to *finally* jump onto this poker vlog trend (sort of) and review a bunch of hands from a $1/$2 live cash game session at Orange City Poker Room in Florida. These hands include 3 QQ (oddly enough, the same exact suits each time), playing multiple top sets, and some small-medium sized pots that most players miss value on. Enjoy my first crack at a #poker #vlog 馃槂

00:00 Good morning
00:26 88 vs the worst river card
02:48 97 on 4-straight board
05:50 QQ in 3bet pot
09:01 QQ flops top set
11:24 AQ luckboxes second pair
15:36 QQ goes for thin value
17:59 KK flops top set
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Playing $1/$2 Live Poker At Orange City 路 SplitSuit VLOG 001

10 thoughts on “Playing $1/$2 Live Poker At Orange City 路 SplitSuit VLOG 001

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  2. Great value bet with the QhQd on 8c7c4s5c5h board. I think many of us have too many memories of being check called in that spot by stuff like 6x or 3c2c, and it overshadows the fact that value can still be extracted in these spots.

  3. Honestly having KK at 8:58 surprised me. I know this sounds cringe, but I think you felt you were beat before he turned up his hand. Your logic isn鈥檛 wrong but you didn鈥檛 listen to your gut!

  4. This may sound like a dumb question, but ive been dabbling in poker for awhile, and would like to give it a shot at a casino, but theres so many little things i feel like it would be hard to ask at a real table. How do you know the chips values? Is there any things that you should know that are unwritten rules? Do you tip the dealer ? How long is long enough before you can walk away ? Is it sit and go? How much are buyins at these kind of tables?

  5. Brad Owen has broken me. I can not watch a poker vlog without synthy 2005 background music anymore.

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