10 thoughts on “Pocket Aces in a $4000 pot 😬 #Poker #texasholdem #WSOP

  1. The people saying the limp raise is a “bad” play or basically turns the hand face up are technically correct. Limp 4 betting pre flop is ridiculously strong. Hell limp calling a 3 bet pre flop is extremely strong. But I agree in a live game where the competition isn’t strong, you can introduce exploits into your game that are technically “incorrect” or “bad” plays. Just be very careful with exploits if you start playing against experienced or even decent players. Or against anyone who knows what a solver is.

  2. Last night literally I lost all my chips with AA vs A7 club made a flush and all in pre with AA vs 77

  3. You are letting him get away if he's any kind of a player. In a Vegas game especially on-strip, the limp-reraise says "I have KK+" so he should be able to fold AKo pretty easily.

  4. Limp, raise AA, that old chestnut. Luckily for you, he was so close to the top of his range.

  5. Y would anyone go all in pre flop on a cash game like that? It makes no sense 🤦

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