10 thoughts on “14-0 Best Baccarat Player In The World – Killing The Casino

  1. Nice little video! Yay for another win, picture at the end is priceless 😂

  2. If y’all don’t believe me now , I don’t know what to say .


  3. The unstoppable baccarat assassin!!🥇 Should have got a pic of the salad 🥗 lol

  4. As a friend who is top management exec in Macau Casino once told me : CASINOS are not afraid of winning players, CASINOs are only afraid that winning players STOP gambling…

  5. When you are winning, wise to stay humble and win more… being cocky and arrogant will lead you to WATERLOO.

  6. It's possible to go from a $1000 bankroll to $1500- $1800 in one night. I personally have done this using Martingale and streaks. But even at $200 for 14 days that's an easy $2800 in your pocket. The small wins here and there add up!

  7. Best baccarat player I’ve seen so far, extremely disciplined and knows how to manage a bankroll and drive a bankroll. Respect from Los Angeles. Come play over here.

  8. that’s how you tip the dealer? not cool. you can just give it to her nicely.

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