Baccarat #13 Winning Grind (Impatient session – Failed)

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$10 Real Live e-Roulette Stadium Silent
Testing 2nd Or 3rd Player Opposite
Goal is 2 Units win…lets see.
Failed !
Example of Lost Patience never good in gambling.

Keeping it Simple
No animation nor audio oratory
Action live play with real small money bet

This is for entertainment only

Sorry for the overhead light reflection
No promise nor selling of a system
Just share ideas might help your game plan
Hope viewers can learn discipline & patience. In honesty, I am still learning coz
emotion take over me instead of logic !
I challenge myself & hope you do too

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Baccarat #13 Winning Grind (Impatient session – Failed)

3 thoughts on “Baccarat #13 Winning Grind (Impatient session – Failed)

  1. As i practiced at Wizard of Odds , some shoe was very hard to beat. If i couldn't win within 25 hands , I stopped playing that shoe with a break even or a lost either one ,two,or three units.But so far i can win six or seven out of ten shoes.I hope i can do in real game like you.Thank you for your new video.

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