Baccarat Bending

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Baccarat players block the numerical value of a card with their thumbs and instead check how many suits appear on each side. This creates much more tension in an other wise simple game. In this case, the result can be a 5, 5, or nothing, natural 8, or natural 9.

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Baccarat Bending

5 thoughts on “Baccarat Bending

  1. This is exactly what ruins this game. These guys and others who can't make a loveing one or the other decision slow down the pace of the game so much it is unplayable. Because of this all of the baccarat tables end up backed up. This is why you're not likely to find a place with more than 1 or 2 Baccarat tables anywhere other than the casinos around China town. If it weren't for jackasses like this it would be a great game.

    News flash, the card is what it is, flip the loveing card over and move on.

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