Baccarat card counting for casino surveillance spies

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Moviemakerjjcasino’s John Stathis pokes fun on Ustream describing how he uses a scorecard at baccarat (or midi/mini baccarat) card counting while poking fun at casino surveillance departments who love to spy on card counters on the internet. Also discussed are continuous shuffling machines (CSM’s), a strategy to thwart blackjack card counters. This losing strategy of CSM’s has destroyed blackjack card counting and casino profits due to casino card counter paranoia. The Ten Count is also discussed in this entertaining and funny card counting video. the family cat Saber even made it on camera. Why are cats so curious? Moviemakerjjcasino was barred from playing blackjack in Las Vegas and Nevada in 1997 for betting with his head, not over it. The Graton Resort & Casino (Rohnert Park in the San Francisco Bay Area), which is managed by Las Vegas casino titan Station Casinos, is featured due to its massive amount of CSM’s littered throughout the casino.

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Baccarat card counting for casino surveillance spies

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  1. Wax on, wax off. Drop coat, pick up coat. Eventually I will add the missing link that will solve the baccarat card counting mystery.

  2. How about doing a video without the annoying broad?I am interested in what you have to say but she is killing you!!!!!

  3. I have a good handle on how to play baccarat, but would like to see another video from start to finish, just only you. She is a nice person but I had a hard time to focus on this video.ThanksDean

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