9 thoughts on “Baccarat HOW TO WIN 99 Percent of the TIME ! 2/20/2023 ” DISCLAIMER ” THIS VIDEO IS EDUCATIONAL ONLY

  1. Nice to see your still at it. Nice and simple, I like it 👍 Obvious question, how far you going down the hole or are you all in?

  2. Did I hear you say that there has been 7 shoes in a row where each & every hand was a Banker? Sorry, I wouldn't even believe 1 shoe with all B and Zero P.

  3. I guess you heard several people mention the 99% Ideology and decided to discuss it yourself ?? The Biggest Challenge for anyone is to accept when that losing time comes and take it because you were ahead SO SO much before it struck. Instead of that many folks ( I been through it too ) will have a record of 28-1 So that is 28 WINNING DAYS and THAT ONE LOSING DAY puts them at a $0.00 Balance 😭😭😭😭

  4. Use this 99%winning formula title n make videos of those which u are sure then see the results boom 😍😍😍🤩💝

  5. Noticed you mentioned brick and mortar gaming. I would assume YT gave you a figurative lashing regarding language 🤔

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