Baccarat Money Maker System Day 16

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Baccarat Money Maker System  Day 16

10 thoughts on “Baccarat Money Maker System Day 16

  1. The fact that you more than doubled your BR in under 3 weeks is fantastic. Nice work.

  2. Why dont u go the full monty……thats what u could call it the full monty baccarat….starting at 25 dollar bet….you have being winning….so go for it…lifes to short not to go for it….. go on casino amigos peaceout

  3. Hey Wilson, I don't understand you, you said you have never lost playing BBPBBP with $50 units down at your casino, now you have played 16 days straight playing PPPPPP with $1 units and have not lost, why don't you not play with $50 units the sane way as you would be cleaning up.
    16 days playing $50 units instead of $1 units would put $12850 in your pocket, that's alot of pocket money for a retiree.

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