Baccarat SECRETS !!

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That is just part of the Title of the book my Kids got me for a gift, It was a fun book , not a bad strategy so I wanted to share it with everyone : )) CHEERS !!

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Baccarat SECRETS !!

10 thoughts on “Baccarat SECRETS !!

  1. I have been doing very well betting against 3 in a row using +1 betting strategy.

  2. I wanna tell you that Silence is Golden. … But NOT in this case You are telling us SO much but Im missing it ALL and im so sad now. Because I will NEVER know what you were saying :{ :{ :{

  3. +215 total using all 3 bet selections with +1 MM. In one of the terrible twos progression was down over $200. Took 13 shoes to get in profit. Tip: you can take break and come back later and continue progression. Also, on long progressions you will be in profit B4 clearing the progression. You can stop when in profit if units become to large. I also like to reset progression in early stages if I lose first couple bets. ex: 1-2-2 if I win next 2(2+3) I reset and next bet is 1. It is conservative approach and definitely does leave a lot of units on the table that could be won but rather be safe and protect bankroll.

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