Baccarat Winner Winner Day 10

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Baccarat Winner Winner Day 10

7 thoughts on “Baccarat Winner Winner Day 10

  1. Unbelievable..!
    You definitely must have the best lifestyle..!!
    Every upload and you live in a different house 🏑.? You truly must be super RICH πŸ€‘.
    I hope when I get to your age I will be up there with you as a professional Baccarat player..
    You make it look πŸ‘€ so easy to win πŸ₯‡.. Well I must get myself a lucky πŸ€ horses🐴 shoe πŸ˜‚.
    On a serious note…
    Well done Mate..
    Till your next upload..
    PPP PPP bangarang..
    Show me the money πŸ’° πŸ’΄ ..
    Winner Winner Chicken πŸ“ dinner.πŸ‘πŸ₯‚
    P.S I sent you a email..
    Check it out..

  2. A little bit of probability math for you. Any 6 step permutation is 2 to the power of 6 which would be 1/64 chance of losing or a 98% chance to get a win. An 8 step is 2 to the power of 8 which is 1/256 or a 99.6% chance to get a win and so on. Great content as always and good luck!

  3. I lost $1600. Went 6 bankers in a row, when it had already gone 6 bankers previously. So I said what the hell are the odds of it beating 6 players in this specific spot? I feel like they somehow made me lose. Didn't seem right. This just goes to show that it can happen. My bankroll is absolutely toast. I have $20 to my name. I lived out of my car for months to save that up too. Be careful Wilson, I think some casinos might be picking up on all of this. Some are probably fixing decks too. Idk how many shoes I've seen back to back ppbppb, or bbpbbp. It's unreal. Something fishy is going on I feel or at least at my casino. They don't even have live roulette bc they want to be able to control everything.

  4. Wilson you are the most honest out there in YouTube land and I believe this style of playing you are displaying is as good ,if not better than anything else I have seen.

  5. hi brother , great content! full of energy!! i want to say you if you need some images for your youtube videos talk with me, i can send to you the thumbsnails if you want

  6. In the beginning of the video you say, every hand is 50/50 no matter what happens before. If that's true then why do you not like certain patterns and wait for the beginning of the next column>

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