Baccarat Winning Strategies ” LIVE PLAY ” By Gambling Chi 7/18/21

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AWW Happy Sunday everyone : )) Still using the 10up 12 down betting Strategy with my three in one System : )) Played with REAL $$ first part of this Video then the second part was practice play : )) PRACTICE .. PRACTICE makes perfect : )) Cheers : ))

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Baccarat Winning Strategies ” LIVE PLAY ” By Gambling Chi 7/18/21

3 thoughts on “Baccarat Winning Strategies ” LIVE PLAY ” By Gambling Chi 7/18/21

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  2. Hey Chi, Had a little extra time today so I got this seen. About the 6 minute mark I found you need a second Name.
    You are The Card Whisperer. Why?
    You called an 8 , 7 or 6 then an 8 card came out 4 the win!!
    Yeah Live Play went Smoothe 😃
    Practice Play was enough for you to demonstrate some important points.
    And don't forget the lessons at the end you spoke on.
    Overall This was the Perfect Video to Explain and demonstrate what is needed in this game 🎮 😎

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